Why Marcello Bergamo?


Our account managers and expert design team will work with you to bring your brand or your design ideas to life. We understand that every business, group or team is unique which is why we have highly experienced local design teams who understand the importance of your branding and the best ways to transfer your brand and ideas onto Custom Clothing.


As well as being totally customisable, our kit has been designed and constructed for both comfort and performance. With more than 40 years experience we understand that cyclists come in all shapes and sizes which is why we have so many garment and sizing options.



“I have been racing bikes for over 20 years and the Marcello Bergamo custom clothing is the best clothing I have ever worn. If you want great cycling kit, then you must seriously consider Bergamo. I have worn almost every brand of cycling kit and this is possibly the best. Thank you for the excellent service and attention to detail. I am a very particular and fussy client and together we were able to address very carefully all my various requirements. I am very pleased with the result. ”

Simonetta C.

I have a number of Marcello Bergamo jerseys now - they fit really well, look good and a decently priced (when on sale!). Highly recommended

Jo-Anne K.

Wonderful as always

base layer

I really like it - the material is light and comfortable, it's a nice fit and gives me just enough protection from the wind in winter rides (Aussie winters aren't that bad!)

Colin B.

I have spent the past 5yrs wearing Rapha base layers. At first I was hesitant because this product was much cheaper and I thought the quality would be average. The quality is better than Rapha and more comfortable too, I'm now convinced and will be buying these going forward.

Matthew W.

Great top Good sizing / well fitting Warm on cold mornings - winter in southern Qld I love it

Jo-Anne K.

It makes my ride luxurious and so much more comfortable

Tracy D.

Love it, great fit, lightweight, comfy, cool and flattering.

Kate D.

The most important thing with me, is the padding and length of the legs. Both of these things are good with these knicks

Adam M.

Very comfortable and a great fit. Look great .

Graham M.

These are very comfortable and perfect for the Brisbane winter weather - easily able to check the phone and turn lights on with the gloves on. So gooooood

Nick A

I've lived in this vest since it arrived. It's pretty much replaced the my use of winter jackets. I can add layers under it plus arm warmers for sub-zero Canberra mornings or just wear it over a jersey for weekend daytime rides. Super comfortable, looks great, feels great.


This Windproof jersey is amazing! I have the Kaleo range and this is the next level up! Very warm and the fit is perfect! Not to mention it looks great! I do recommend for anyone who wants to be comfortable on those cold mornings.

Colin B.

The Marcello Bergamo Neck Warmer is amazing quality, lightweight but very warm.


This neck warmer is designed for keeping your neck warm and not overheated when cycling. It works!

Francesco R.

Excellent . Sent promptly and packaged like professional business

Pete S.

I've hat this jersey and the bib knicks for a while now. Quickly becoming one of my favourite kits, the fabric is really nice and the fit is great too. Seems to be hardwearing and stands up to repeated wear really well. Would buy again

Brett S.

Quality garment. I Iove the quality of the fabric, nice cut and finish but I should have been more cautious of the tiny Italian sizing. A large Marcello Bergamo jersey is smaller than most mediums in other/non- Italian brands. If you can get your size right you’ll be very happy but otherwise unwearable.



Let your imagination run wild!

We can produce the colours and graphics you need for your brand. We can even match colours to your existing merchandise or clothing to ensure consistency across your marketing materials.
We have multiple fit options within each of our ranges as cyclists come in all shapes and sizes and we want everyone wearing your brand to look their best.


Custom kit is complex; which is why we have local experts in each market to ensure you get the best result for your group.
Our local designers will prepare multiple design options based on your branding or ideas and your account manager will step you through each part of the process so nothing is left to chance.


We have put our 40 plus years experience into action and created 3 outstanding ranges to suit every cyclist and every use. Perfect for racing, training or commuting and for the avid, enthusiast or occasional rider.


Our kit is made to last. Purchasing custom clothing is an investment in your brand which is why we use the best Italian and Swiss fabrics with high thread counts providing extended  durability and maximum comfort.

Your kit will be made in our factory in Italy, where we control the total supply chain No sweat shops and no short cuts.. Read more about our sustainability commitment.


It is vital to ensure that your new custom kit fits perfectly which is why we recommend that every member of your group actually tests the sizing of the garment style that they will be wearing.
We supply Fit-Kit for all of our customers regardless of the size of the order.

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